Tenafly Downtown Revitalization Plan

Tenafly Downtown Revitalization Plan

The Tenafly Downtown Revitalization Plan is a collaborative effort led by the Borough to develop a vision, goals and actionable strategies to make downtown more attractive for residents, businesses and visitors.
The Plan will identify land use changes and transportation improvements, investments in open space and the public realm, and a range of policies and programs that together will help to make Downtown a better place to visit and unlock its potential for economic growth

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Community engagement is a critical component of the plan. All interested residents, property owners and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate.  The planning process will include two public workshops, an online survey, and other targeted strategies to learn about the downtown from those that use it most. Please sign up below for updates on upcoming meetings, events, and project updates. This webpage will be updated regularly with information about public events, online surveys, relevant background information, and draft documents as they are produced.
BFJ Community Engagement

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Planning Process

The Downtown Revitalization Plan is comprehensive, addressing a range of interrelated topics such as transportation and mobility, urban design, placemaking and branding, economic development, and community facilities and programming. A market analysis will be conducted during the initial phase to understand the current physical conditions and business environment in Tenafly. Land use and zoning will be also evaluated to consider future development opportunities and strategies. The final product will include an implementation strategy and action agenda for the Borough to follow up on the recommended strategies.


Downtown Study Area Boundary

Project Team

Development of the Downtown Revitalization Plan is a collaborative process between the Borough of Tenafly, a Steering Committee, and a multidisplinary team of planners, retail experts and graphic designers, consisting of BFJ Planning, Streetsense and Perkins Eastman. The Steering Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

   Daniel Zausner

    David Jang

    Mary Beth Wilmit

    Jeff Grossman

    Craig Feinberg

    Adam Michaels

    Mark Zinna

Public Information Session May 18, 2023

To view the latest Public Information Session video please click here.

Downtown Workshop 

To view the latest Downtown Workshop video please click here.

To view the September 29, 2021 Downtown Workshop video please click here

Contact Us

Please direct questions regarding the Downtown Revitalization Plan to downtowncommittee@tenafly.net