Downtown Committee

Mission & Objectives

The benefits of a vibrant downtown are numerous and have direct effects on local businesses, resident satisfaction and the overall reputation of Tenafly in our broader community. As such, we have commissioned a community-led Downtown Committee to better understand the current situation in our downtown and propose a mix of ‘quick wins’ and ‘step change’ actionable recommendations that we can implement in the near, medium and longer term. Example areas of focus, but not limited to, are:

    Understanding what residents and local businesses are looking for from our downtown

    Can we redevelop existing resources to promote a stronger downtown for our residents and our local businesses

    How can we identify new resources to build a more vibrant downtown

    Pro-actively reach out to businesses that we would like in our town

    Do we have the right traffic patterns and parking regulations

This committee will work through the Council Liaison to acquire the necessary background information, pressure test ideas (with Finance, Legal, etc.) and develop a prioritized set of opportunities. This committee will then work together to make recommendations that are then shared back to Mayor & Council to take action. 

The Committee will meet as they feel appropriate and ensure they have the right perspectives on the Committee to properly reflect our community.

2021 Downtown Committee Members

Victor Alvarez
Jeanne Rivkin
Jamie Corsair
Michele Ross
Gary Gabriel
Daniel Zausner
David Jang
Stephanie Cohen
Adam Michaels
Shepard Grinkler
Sharon Nevins
Thara Natalie
Corey Payraudeau