Patrol Division

The Tenafly Police Department Patrol Division is the most important division in our agency. These are the officers who patrol our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Patrol Division is an extremely pro-active unit that monitors our streets vigilantly to keep our community safe. Patrol officers enforce the law, arrest violators, and preserve the peace.

First Responders

When anyone needs help within the Borough, our patrol officers are the first to respond. From medical calls and crimes in progress to domestic disturbances, our officers are on the scene within minutes to handle any situation needing police intervention. Our department handles over 13,000 calls per year, including over 1,000 911 calls. This is in addition to all of our enforcement duties, and the vast majority of those calls are handled by the Patrol Division.


The Division is comprised of 4 squads, each consisting of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, three patrol officers and a civilian dispatcher. They are often supplemented by Traffic Bureau officers when necessary.

Front Line Officers

Patrol officers are the "front line" of every police department, and our officers are committed to preserving life, ensuring the safety of the public, and preventing crime in Tenafly. Their high degree of visibility makes them readily available when needed.