Cost to Taxpayers

Breakdown of a $10,000 Tenafly Tax Bill

  • County - $ 970
    9.7 %
  • County Open Space - $ 13.13 
  • Municipal - $ 2,520
    25.2 % (Municipal cost includes : Police - $ 531)
  • Municipal Open Space- $ 36.36 
  • Other - $ 11.11 
  • Schools - $ 6,450
    64.5 %

Total Cost for the Police Department

Using 2010 figures, the total cost of the Tenafly Police Department to that $10,000 taxpayer is approximately $531 annually or $44 per month. Remember that your Police Department is the only Borough department that works full time, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year providing for public safety and emergency response and protecting the quality of life we enjoy here in Tenafly. We are the first ones at your door not only when you call for police assistance, but for medical and fire emergencies also.

To put that in proper perspective, the cost for basic cable television in this area starts at $56 per month without any extras. Contrary to all of the recent publicity about the "astronomical" costs of police services, your police department is not the driving force behind the high cost of our property taxes here in Tenafly.