Sewer Stoppages

Sewer Stoppage Responsibilities

The owner/occupants of premises in the Borough shall be responsible for proper maintenance and repair of all house sewer connections between the dwelling and the main sanitary sewer line. In case a stoppage in the sanitary sewer occurs, the owner/occupant shall immediately notify the Tenafly DPW who shall make an inspection of the main sewer line. 

If the main sewer line is obstructed, it shall be the responsibility of the DPW to remove the obstruction. 

If the main sewer line is not obstructed, the DPW shall immediately notify the owner/occupant to proceed with removal of the obstruction in the house sewer line. 


In all cases, call the DPW first.

Call DPW at 201-568-4134 .

Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 3:00pm

All other hours, including weekends and holidays, call Tenafly Police Department at 201-568-5100. 

The Police Department will immediately notify the DPW.