Grass and Branch Disposal

Grass Clippings


Tenafly Department of Public Works utilizes the Cut It and Leave It Program for cutting grass in all Borough Parks and Property, and this program is also recommended for all residents. Grass clippings are a major part of New Jersey’s municipal solid waste stream. Like other highly recyclable materials - such as newspapers, plastics, glass and aluminum, recycling grass clippings can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

As a New Jersey resident, you are already helping to reduce the amount of waste by recycling newspapers, plastics, cans and glass. But you can easily recycle the clippings you generate each time you mow your lawn - and save time and money while doing it. Disposing of grass clippings is very costly and wasteful. Grass clippings make up thousands of tons of New Jersey’s solid waste. They represent a waste management cost that you pay either directly to your trash hauler or indirectly in taxes.

Leaving Clippings

You can help by just leaving your clippings on the lawn when you mow. Grass clippings provide a natural and healthy fertilizer for a growing lawn. You’ll save time because you won’t have to stop to empty your lawnmower bag, and you’ll avoid trips to the garbage can. You can spend less on fertilizer as clippings provide nutrients such as nitrogen back into the soil.

Disposing of Clippings

If you cut your grass and need to dispose of clippings, you may take this material to Tenafly Recycling and Convenience Center for disposal. Grass should be transported in your own container or bio degradable paper bags. No plastic bags or blue borough recycling bins should be used. Resident decal is required for use of Tenafly Recycling and Convenience Center.

Garden, Shrubbery and Branches

Vegetative waste material including garden waste, shrubbery, tree parts, clippings is collected by the garbage contractor, Waste Industries.  This material should be placed in garbage cans or bags and placed at the curb for pickup the night before your regularly scheduled household garbage collection days.   In case of a skipped pickup, call Waste Industries directly at 201-567-3100.

Tree branches are collected by Waste Industries.  Branches not exceeding two-inches in diameter are to be securely tied in bundles with a maximum length of three feet, or they may be put in containers that equals one bushel in volume and does not weight more than thirty pounds. This waste must be placed at the curb the night before the regularly scheduled household garbage collection day.  In case of a skipped pickup, call Waste Industries directly at 201-567-3100.