Affordable Housing Update

The Plaza

The Plaza, located on the former Penetone site on Piermont Road, has constructed 145 housing units including 17 affordable units which are condominiums for sale. The 17 affordable units include one-bedroom units, two-bedroom units and three-bedroom units. All 17 affordable units have been sold. These units will only become available should their current owners decide to sell their units. There are still currently over 140 families on the active waiting list to purchase a unit that may come on the market and 75 families on a pre-applicant Waiting List who did not participate in the lottery.

The Crossings

The Crossings at Tenafly, located on the former Ippolito site along Grove Street, Mahan Street and West Railroad Avenue has constructed 44 townhouses which include 9 affordable units (condominiums for sale). The 9 affordable units include 2 one-bedroom, 5 two bed-rooms and 2 three-bedrooms. Five of these affordable units have sold and four have been rented. There are currently over 100 families on the active waiting list to purchase any unit that may come onto the market.

Waiting Lists

Those on the Waiting Lists for both projects who have already participated in a lottery for their rank on the Waiting List will continue to hold that rank in the future. Those who submitted preapplications after the lottery will achieve the status of "active client" only when all past applicants who were in the lottery have been given a chance to apply for available units.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Tenafly will be moving persons on the pre-applicant Waiting List to the status of Active Client waiting list for at least 2 to 3 years from now. Please be patient. Calling our office will not accelerate your move from pre-applicant Waiting List to Active Client Waiting List.

Active Clients

Everyone on the pre-applicant Waiting List will be informed when the Active Client waiting list opens up again and will be invited to take the appropriate steps at that time if you are still interested.

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