Tenafly Borough Hall, 100 Riveredge Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670    201-568-6100    HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Directory of Borough Officials

Administrator Jimmy Homsi, MPA, RMC, QPA 201-568-6100
Assistant to Borough Administrator Valerie Nicolosi 201-568-6100
Assessor Jeffrey Statham, CTA 201-568-6100
Borough Clerk Omar Stovall, MPA, RMC 201-568-6100
Executive Assistant to Borough Clerk

Annemarie Schryver

Borough Attorney Wendy Rubinstein Esq. 201-488-1300
Borough Auditor Lerch, Vinci & Higgins, LLP          201-791-7100
Borough Engineer     Andy Hipolit, P.E. (Maser Consulting, P.A.)     973-398-3110
Planning & Zoning Board Engineer David Hals, P.E.
(Schwanewede/Hals Engineering)
Borough Historian Paul Stefanowicz 201-568-6100
MLUL Officer Valerie Nicolosi 201-568-6100
Building Sub-Code Official Robert E. Byrnes, Sr. 201-568-6100
Chief Financial Officer Susan Corrado, CMFO 201-568-6100
Construction Official Robert E. Byrnes, Sr. 201-568-6100
Director, Dept. of Public Works & Parks Michael Cassidy 201-568-4134
General Foreman of Public Works Vacant 201-568-4134
Director of Recreation Jamie Cannon 201-871-3008
Assistant Director of Recreation Carol Roux 201-871-3008
Director of Youth Services Mark Slawson 201-568-6100
Youth Services Assistant
Electrical Sub-Code Official Jack McManus 201-568-6100
Elevator Sub-Code Official Richard Keeley 201-568-6100
Emergency Management Coordinator Capt. Michael deMoncada 201-568-6100
Deputy E.M. Coordinator Lt. Michael Greeley 201-568-6100
Fire Chief Richard Philpott 201-568-6100
Fire Official Wm. Kent Yates 201-568-6100
Fire Protection Official Wm. Kent Yates 201-568-6100
Fire Sub-Code Official James DiMaria 201-568-6100
 Human Resources Manager
Improvement Searcher Omar Stovall 201-568-6100
Insurance Commissioner,
  Self Insurance Fund
Lynn Vanderlinden 201-568-6100
Library Director Julie Marallo
Municipal Court Judge Hon. Benjamin B. Choi, JMC. 201-568-6100
Municipal Court Administrator Dawn Curatola, CMCA 201-568-6100
Plumbing Sub-Code Official Thomas Zaconie 201-568-6100
Police Chief Robert Chamberlain 201-568-5100
Prosecutor Mark P. Fierro, Esq. 201-568-6100
Alternate Prosecutor Andrew Cimiluca, Esq. 201-568-6100
Public Agency Compliance Officer Omar Stovall, MPA, RMC 201-568-6100
Public Defender Jordan Yuelys, Esq. 201-568-6100
Recycling Coordinator Vacant 201-569-7275
Registering Dog and Cat Licenses Annmarie Schryver 201-568-6100
Registrar/Vital Statistics Judith Pesce 201-568-6100
Deputy Registrar/Vital Statistics Christine Attanasio 201-568-6100
Qualified Purchasing Agent     Susan Corrado, CMFO  201-568-6100
Senior Citizens Center Manager Michele Hausch 201-569-2159
Supervisor of Building Maintenance Joseph Rossi 201-568-6100
Tenafly Volunteer Ambulance Corps JP Pedoto, Capt. 201-568-4909
Tax Collector Susan Corrado, CTC


Deputy Treasurer Kathy Soule  201-568-6100
Treasurer Susan Corrado,CMFO 201-568-6100
Zoning Officer Robert E. Byrnes, Sr. 201-568-6100
Code Enforcement Officer             Robert McQuade 201-568-6100