Tenafly Borough Hall, 100 Riveredge Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670    201-568-6100    HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Get a $25,000 loan to fix up your home under the Tenafly Housing Rehabilitation Program.   0% interest loans. No monthly payments. Loan is repaid only when house is sold. Homeowners must meet State income guidelines.

"The Tenafly Housing Rehabilitation Program is now able to lend eligible Borough homeowners up to $25,000, at 0% interest, to help fix up their homes," according to Tenafly Mayor Peter Rustin. "Homeowners who want to get a Borough housing rehabilitation loan must submit a pre-application as soon as possible. If your home is in need of basic repair, and if you meet the program income guidelines, you may be eligible.”

The Tenafly Housing Rehabilitation Program (THRP) is sponsored by the Borough of Tenafly as part of the Borough's Affordable Housing Program mandated by the State. The Borough must provide assistance to 62 homeowners under the program. It offers housing rehabilitation assistance to low and moderate income Borough homeowners in the form of a deferred payment loan of up to $25,000 for basic home improvements. The interest rate on these loans is 0%. The loans are not due to be repaid until the house is sold or title transferred. The program's terms for Borough investor owners who provide rental housing to lower income families is set by the State and governs rent levels and tenant eligibility for 10 years.Funding for the program comes from COAH development fees that have been paid to the Borough since 2003.

The Tenafly Borough Housing Rehabilitation Program (THRP) can only help families whose income meets the following current State income guidelines for 2017:

1 Person       $50,878
2 Persons     $58,146
3 Persons     $65,414
4 Persons     $72,682
5 Persons     $78,497
6 Persons     $84,311
7 Persons     $90,126
8 Persons     $95,940

To apply for the Tenafly Housing Rehabilitation Program you must obtain a pre-application form from either the Tenafly Public Library, the Tenafly Building Dept., 100 Riveredge Rd, or CLICK HERE Applicants will be served on a first come, first served basis.   Questions about the application process can be answered by calling the Program Coordinator, Steve Weinberg, directly at 732-485-0756 or via email at steve.weinberg@mac.com. Local home improvement contractors interested in submitting quotes on units to be rehabilitated through the program should also contact Mr. Weinberg.