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School Crossing Guard Post Changes

The Tenafly Police Department would like all district students and parents to be aware of important changes being made to some school crossing posts for the 2018 through 2019 school year. The changes involve the creation of two new posts, and the elimination of two underutilized posts.


Be advised the intersections of Columbus Drive and Cortlandt Place, and Sunset Lane at Corlandt Place will now be staffed with certified school crossing guards. The new posts were the result of traffic studies conducted by the police department’s traffic bureau that identified high numbers of pedestrian crossings that warranted their creation.

Traffic Studies

Consequently, traffic studies at other school crossing posts identified two locations that were underutilized and no longer in need of crossing guards. As a result, school crossing guard posts at the intersections of Knickerbocker Road and Riveredge Road, and Engle Street at Sisson Terrace were eliminated. The intersection of Knickerbocker Road and Riveredge Road is controlled by a traffic signal that will provide the necessary break in traffic to permit a Knickerbocker Road crossing, and improved signage will be installed at the intersection of Engle Street and Sisson Terrace to facilitate a safer Engle Street crossing where a guard is no longer posted. The intersection of Engle Street at Highwood Avenue is controlled by a traffic signal and can serve as an alternative to cross Engle Street.

Please share this information with your child, and take this time to review pedestrian/bicycle safety procedures with them as we approach the start of the new school year.