The following information addresses the most important aspects of voter registration and elections in Tenafly:

Party Declaration

If a registered voter, who is declared in a specific political party wishes to change his/her party affiliation, he/she must complete a Party Affiliation Declaration Form, 55 days before the Primary Election. These forms are available at the Office of Superintendent of Elections/Commissioner of Registration in Hackensack and in the Borough Clerk’s Office. Upon completion, these forms are to be mailed or delivered in person to the Office of Superintendent of Elections/Commissioner of Registration in Hackensack

A registered voter, who is unaffiliated with any political party, can declare a party affiliation at the polls in order to vote in the Primary Election.

Provisional Ballots

A registered voter may vote by Provisional Ballot or Fail-Safe Ballot under the following conditions:

  • A voter who has moved within Tenafly, but currently resides in a different election district, he/she may vote at the new polling place by a Provisional Ballot.
  • A voter who is currently registered in Bergen County, but moves to another municipality in Bergen County.
  • A voter whose voter registration information is missing from the poll book.
  • First time voters for a Federal Election who are registered, but fail to submit required identification when registering.

Vote by Mail

Formerly known as Absentee Ballots, any registered voter can choose to vote in any election by using a mail-in ballot. Applications for a mail-in ballot are available in the County Clerk’s Office in Hackensack and in the Borough Clerk’s Office. The application to Vote by Mail must be received by the County Clerk at least 7 days before the date of the election if it is mailed and by 3:00 pm the day before the election if the voter appears in person at the County Clerk’s Office.

A voter has the option of indicating on the mail-in ballot application if he/she would prefer to receive mail-in ballots for each election that takes place during the remainder of the calendar year.

Track Your Vote

  1. Open the Department of State New Jersey Division of Elections website
  2. Click on Am I registered?
  3. Click on My Voter Information above  the Voter Search screen.  This will bringyou  to the Public Access Sign-in page.  
  4. Click on Sign Up For Public Access underneath the Sign-in button
  5. Enter your first name, last name, county and date of birth
  6. Select the the Driver's License Number arrow button and change to Voter ID.
  7. Under Account Information, enter your Voter ID Number in the Public Access ID Number field.  Complete the remainder of this section.
  8. Click Sign Up.
  9. After completing your profile, you will be returned to the Public Access Sign-in screen.  The username is your Voter ID number and the password is the same used to sign-up.

Questions / Concerns

For any questions regarding voter registration or elections, please feel free to contact the Borough Clerk, Omar Stovall, at 201-568-6100. Also, information and forms are available in the New Jersey Division of Elections website.